Than Good News Is N't Just About Business Email List

09.05.2022 13:10

Not possible for every type of organization of course. But as Business Email List a customer I feel heard, understood and my question is answered. Win-win-win. Also read: Your customer says goodbye? Always end on a positive note! 2. A personal, empathetic approach Another personal experience! Years ago I spoke to Ziggo customer service. My modem had taken its last Business Email List breath. No internet and therefore no Netflix (the horror!). My favorite series, I really had to be patient. There was still a nice conversation about my favorite series. When the new modem was delivered, there was a card Business Email List with it: “Dear Bart, hereby your new modem and I have added a bag of popcorn for the microwave.

Enjoy watching!" You see, Ziggo and I are Business Email List friends. Forever. 3. Special treatment for your loyal customers It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive at all. I personally love handwritten cards. I think the boss here is Coolblue, where employees make time for their Business Email List valued customers. Personal cards also never get boring, it continues to give a nice feeling. But of course you can show that you appreciate your loyal customers in more ways. It's really not complicated. If you have Business Email List a newsletter, give it a prominent place. Or give them priority over being able to buy your new products or services.

Regularly ask them for their opinion about you and your Business Email List organization, actually do something with their feedback and then let them know. Most profit with existing customers When it comes to growth, people think too quickly about finding new customers. That is why Business Email List we often invest heavily in extensive lead generation programs. But the most profit can be found with your existing customers. Appreciate them, let them know you see them, ask for feedback and regularly put them in Business Email List the spotlight. You can bet that they will remain a customer and will recommend you on those birthdays.
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